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Novenca Security Systems is a leading security integrator in Venezuela, providing integrated turn-key security systems. The company provides services on all stages of a project, from due diligence studies and recommendations, to post-project system maintenance and technical support. 

The company was started in 2003, and has now 30+ employees, plus a range of subcontractors for physical installations.

Novenca is a technology based company, focusing on advanced security systems for big and medium companies and organizations. Its focus is on client tailored solutions, providing high quality products, professional project management, and reliable technical support. We put emphasis on internal procedures on all areas, and clear client communications in all phases of the project

Novenca is located in central Caracas in its own building of 5000 sq. feet. The company has several company cars and all necessary tools for all kinds of security projects. We also carry a stock of the main products for fast deployment and spare parts.

The company is divided in several departments, including a Technology department with five persons, in charge of R&D, systems configurations and integrations, as well as technical support. They also do on-site product demonstrations and client training

The Project Department counts 11 persons, and is in charge of project management, such as pre-project inspections, project planning, supervision of subcontractors (for physical cabling and installation), as well as Quality Assurance and Control, client communications, and final project audit and approval.

The Sales department counts 5 people, all specialists in security solutions and able to inspect, review and recommend solutions based on the client’s need and requirements

The administration department includes accounting, HR, logistics, and inventory personnel.


Novenca´s mission is to be the “preferred provider of professional security solutions in Venezuela”. In order to “be preferred” we aim to achieve a customer satisfaction on these specific areas:

  • Honest client communications and recommendations
  • Timely and concise client communications in all stages of the project
  • Delivery on time of everything from replies, proposals, project details and project conclusion.
  • A professional technical support that assures a timely solution
  • The use of quality products and materials


Novenca is focused in integrated security solutions. This means the integration between the various parts of a complete security system, creating a series of additional benefits of having integrated the various sub-systems. The sub-systems can include several of these main areas:

  • Video
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Fire detection


Novenca is specialized in the following top-line security brands:

  • Lenel
  • RBH
  • Pelco
  • Samsung
  • Hikvision
  • Verint
  • HID
  • Bioscrypt
  • DSC


Novenca has many of the biggest companies in Venezuela as clients. In order to list some examples of types of clients you can find the following:

  • Banks (Banesco, Bancaribe, Bancoro, Banco Guayana),
  • Insurance companies (Seguros Caracas, Seguros Mercantil, Adriatica de Segurios, La Previsora, Seguros Venezuela)
  • Industries (Empresas Polar, Coca Cola, Cigarrera Bigott, PDVSA, Cemex)
  • Hotels (Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental, Hotel Pipo Internacional, Hotel Punta Palma)
  • Embassies (Embassies of Norway, South Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia)
See some clients by clicking HERE

Example projects

Due to confidentiality considerations, the names of these clients cannot be revealed here.

1: High-End Real estate project with 9 buildings with a total of 900 apartments: CCTV, intrusion detection, access control for people and vehicles including elevator control and parking barriers. Value USD 700.000.

2: Main insurance company. Novenca in charge of CCTV and intrusion detection in more than 15 country-wide regional offices. Value USD 600.000

3: Governmental Technology Institution: Integrated Access control, video (IPTV) and intrusion detection in HQ and several remote offices. Value USD 400.000.

4: A group of industrial plants: CCTV. Value USD 400.000

5: Main insurance company in Venezuela. Client of Novenca since 2003, with CCTV installation in ther HQ as well as in more than 15 country-wide regional offices. All connected via WAN. Value USD 300.000.

6: Group of Shopping malls in various Venezuelan cities: CCTV (100+ cameras in each site). Value USD 300.000

7: Private club with a vast area including marinas, pools, restaurants, apartment buildings etc. IPTV including LAN, WAN, fiber optics and long range wireless communications (point-to-multipoint). Harsh environment using pressurized PTZ domes, provessional power sources and casing, new camera poles. Value USD 250.000.

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Novenca Security Systems

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